Physical fitness is as much important for the seniors, as is the good nutrition. It may be a bit difficult to plan and start a completely new fitness routine for the elderly. Before you plan any fitness program for a senior loved one, it is essential to consult their doctor and take the necessary precautions.

However, some basic strategies and planning tips have been shared by the senior home care experts at Home Care Assistance to develop a fitness routine.
Start Small

Never jump too high. Set achievable goals which can be met easily. It is even more important to focus on this point when working with the elderly. You can start with a 5-minute walk or just 5 minutes of some light exercise. Always increase the reps and timings gradually.
Develop a Regular Habit

It is essential that regularity is maintained. Instead of moving on to strenuous exercises, it is more effective to develop a regular exercise habit with just five minutes. Once your elderly loved one is used to working out on a regular basis, you or the senior home care attendant can encourage them to increase the reps and again continue the increased reps for at least a month. In this way a healthy habit will develop which is helpful in the long run.
Fun Time

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This same formula is applicable to the seniors as well. The exercise time needs to have some fun it. Encourage them to enjoy their workout by listening to music or they can even enroll in a community fitness class where they can work out in the company of other senior adults. Just make the whole experience as much enjoyable as possible.

If you really want to encourage your senior loved one to develop some healthy fitness habits, reward them for their effort. Give them an incentive. It can be anything as small as a snack or even go out for dinner. Another way to motivate your elderly loved one is treating them with a favorite smoothie or a luxurious bath on the exercise days.
Exercise or a fitness routine is usually related to weight control and obesity. On the contrary, it is essential for bone health, mental stimulation and it also strengthens the muscles.
There are numerous other befits of exercising and some of these very important benefits are listed below. According to the senior home care experts, these benefits are enough to motivate any senior and to follow a regular fitness regime.

‘ Muscles are toned. Balance is improved and the whole body is strengthened as well. Better posture
‘ Exercising regularly also prevents the elderly from falling down
‘ Exercise helps prevent Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, and Diabetes
‘ Exercise works as an energy booster and reduces the depression
‘ Regular activity leads to better sleep
‘ It also improves the appetite of the elderly.
‘ Exercise keeps your heart healthy and blood pressure in control as it has a positive effect on blood circulation.